hakunamatatatravelblogJambo! Hello and thank you for checking me out. My name is Anna Kabebe, and am from Kenya the land of safari and Hakuna Matata. I’ve been living in Dubai for the past 5 years. And although I always wanted to travel when I was younger, it was only when I moved here that I managed to start realising that dream and began opening up my mind to the monstrous culture shock in store for me. Mind you I grew up on a farm in a cold village called Limuru in the beautiful highlands of central Kenya. So the most travel I’d seen was constant hiking to Ngong hills,  Mt. Longonot , kahiga ka guoya (fear rock), and school trips to the National parks, Mombasa and a lot of other amazing places in Kenya with my equally adventurous friends.

Fast forward to now, I am still that girl with a passion to see the world. My mission is to beat all the odds, including visa requirements and a rather unpopular passport, long term debt and enjoy myself. Please join me in my journey as I share my life travel experiences and resources with you. Hopefully I can inspire you too, yeah especially you fellow third worlders who think they can’t travel because they can’t afford it, or don’t have time for it. I wish to start my stories on a positive note, and say you can travel too despite that fact that you think otherwise. To begin with, if you’re really skeptical and telling me inwardly to piss off, I urge you to check out this Danish bear’s story. You can find his blog on Facebook. ( once upon a saga). He’s traveling the whole world without using planes and surviving on less than 20 dollars a day. He’s done more than 100 countries so far, by hitchhiking, traveling on long distance public buses ( think Matatu), getting free rides on ships and boats when moving from one continent to another or just accessing islands. Sleeping in people’s homes, cheap rooms, railway terminals, eating street food. You catch the drift? So no excuses people, you can travel too if you really want to. Start small, like the Bonfire Adventures guys did, ( Kenyans are familiar with this remarkable couple), see your own backyard,  Lake Naivasha on a weekend, Longonot for a hike, go on safari and pitch tents as its more affordable. You won’t regret it. Oh I love safari. Safari isn’t only reserved for Jambo Bwana. Before you know it you’ll be over landing to your neighbouring country and headed abroad. Take advantage of the visa free countries while you work towards those you need visa for. Meanwhile, join me here for more. Twendeni Safari tuone Dunia.